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  1. I almost went over this because I am not a fan of dubstep. This is a very nice piece. The ambiance is just right for the subtle percussion used. Sounds a little more housy than dubby to me though. Great nonetheless.
  2. Be patient, in due time people will hear your sound. I can honestly say I didn't have high hopes but the album is really relaxing. It's nice to see what someone is capable of with the equipment you're using. Good stuff.
  3. This is really nice. Thank you for sharing. The atmosphere of the track really hits my mind hard. In a good way of course.
  4. Video games have heavily influenced my music and it's pretty much what I have dedicated my life to. I have recently completed a collaboration and I would like some feedback honestly. Tell me here or there what you think about the project. Don't pull any punches, I need anything that will help me grow as an artist. As always, thank you for listening. Oh and btw there is a free download of the album in the description of the video. You can also purchase them if you'd like to show support.
  5. I agree with -MZ- everything in the track is pretty solid but the buzzing seems to take away from the atmosphere you are looking for. I am a huge fan of Sci-Fi music and this does not disappoint.
  6. This marks the first track I have ever decided to post on OCR. I am not huge on remixing but I still make some here and there. Serious criticism is greatly appreciated. I'd rather grow than hear comments on how something is just ok. I hope you enjoy. http://heatflare.bandcamp.com/track/jungle-road-phantasy-star-online
  7. With the level of competition entering I was going to sit out, but after hearing the OST for myself. I have to join in.
  8. I feel that any man that can punch boulders in his own game, deserves to be in a fighter. I just wish the roster was bigger overall but the game isn't out yet so I will keep my mouth shut.
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