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  1. Here's a link to my cover/remake of "Promise" by Akira Yamaoka from Silent Hill 2. The original song is one of my favorites from any soundtrack so I thought I'd try my take on it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy the track
  2. See first post for updated song and info.
  3. Thanks ifirit for a great critique on the song. I got a lot of useful advice from it and was not expecting a lengthy post with all that feedback. Song structure is something I have not really got the hang of yet. But after I go back and work on it I will post it here and try and submit it to the judges. Thanks again!
  4. Bringing this back from the dead for an updated version. After I submitted the original a while back I made some progress on the song before leaving it untouched for months. This version is a half a year old but before I go back into it I would like some feedback as to whether I should continue on with this one or just start all over. Thanks! Everything below this is from the original post on November 24, 2009. ----------------------------------------------------- Just looking to get a little feedback on my version of Not Tomorrow 1 from Silent Hill. Here is the link. Thanks!
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