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  1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you're not going to reply, at least listen: Gumshoe 2014 Remix ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello folks, are you in for some nostalgia? (2009 thread CLICK) It's TheUllas, just five years older. Geez, we're all getting old pretty fast. After finishing Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies and doing some "browsin'", I found my old remix from 2009 on my even older YT account: [Detective Gumshoe 2009 Remix] And before I knew it, I was already finishing this: Detective Gumshoe 2014 Remix I wonder if Gario and Soliarc are still around. For those of you who're still with me: Thank you for sharing some of your valuable time. (: PS: Please don't mind the flashy description and visuals, I'm just super pumped and happy if someone here enjoys it as it is. Praise and criticism (especially the latter) are always welcome. Based on this.
  2. Okay, my second "remix" didn't make it either... Think I've got to learn how to REwrite melodies, that's my biggest problem.
  3. Okay, thanks. It was my first "remix" and I believe I need to gain more experience.
  4. Hey guys! I've finished my Miles Edgeworth - Great Revival Hard Rock Remix. Link below. Please comment etc.
  5. Hey guys! I've finished my Miles Edgeworth - Great Revival Hard Rock Remix. Link below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YK_ZI-55R6E Please comment etc.
  6. Hi! My friend has told me to ask you, the great OC REMIX community: Quote Rene: What do you think about this piece of music? Here is the link: Made with a 2008 keyboard.
  7. Ok, sorry for that My keyboard has got onboard sounds. BTW thanks for the cable info. So does that mean if I wanted to use NEW sounds I would have to buy a new keyboard or replace some hardware within it?
  8. Thank you very much for those great suggestions I'm really embarassed because of that Sax MIDI (unfortunately it is the best one I got) My MIDI keyboard is old (2004) and I tried to get the best out of it. I'll buy a MIDI IN/OUT cable so I can change those built-in MIDI sounds. And....I'm sorry to say that I have already deleted the "ingredients" of the remix. (Windows reinstall) I will use your ideas in my next remix, of course. Thank you very much!
  9. Hi all! I'm new to this forums and along with my first post I want you to comment on my remix of Detective Gumshoe's Theme from the Phoenix Wright series. Link: Umm...well. Sorry but I've got to go right now Thank you all in advance! Mike
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