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  1. Hey there, I happened to be reading the Newbie Introduction thread for no reason, when as I scrolled down the page, I found your reply to my little intro spiel thing. You may not remember it but I thought it was pretty cool nonetheless. 8-) Anyway, I figured I'd reply so as to not come off as seeming unfriendly or etc, might be a little late for that but oh well. :-P

    Also, thanks to you good sir, I picked up my free EastWest Symphonic Orchestra, much thanks!

    And on an unrelated note: Merry Christmas!

  2. Hey man, just thought I'd congratulate you on your 200 reviews! I must say, you've pretty much become a part of my daily OCR experience these past few weeks: on virtually every ReMix page I explore, I see your name at the top of the reviewing thread... wherever I go, I can't escape from the Emunator! AAHH! :-P

    But seriously, congratulations once again, 200 is definitely no easy task! Looking forward to seeing what your selection is for OA to ReMix. 8)

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