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    I grew up with Castlevania, Mega Man, and Sonic as the videogames of choice. I'm a little artistic, with poetry, drawing and some painting but sadly no musical skills.
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    Scott Liles
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    Student - HSS

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  1. I have completed what I think to be a draft of what I'd call lyrics to Dwelling of Doom, and I will post them here soon. I have always liked that area of the game, and the music portrayed a vastly different theme to me -- "You are in my house Belmont!" -- a kind of reversal of roles. Not to mention those areas made me the most insecure,(darn invisible bricks) and confused(walking above the ceiling), but wouldn't Dracula do anything to stop you? I'd love to see that return, but anyway, I hope you will have some critique for what I've done.

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