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  1. Hey OCR, sorry for the long absence, been really busy with school and all, but I'm looking at some more games and ideas for anyone to go all gung-ho on. One idea is the first level of an interesting little game called Monster Party for the NES, it's very pleasant at first, but nightmares are decieving!

    Another idea, which I'm currently listening to as I write this, is Road of Enemy from Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge, it's very catchy and has a great rhythm to it. I was wondering about a pair of maracas or snare/cymbols with some sort of string for the lower main line, and perhaps a violin/viola for the high sub line? I'm no music expert but my creativity is bound down, anyone with ideas please send a message!

  2. Ok, I have something that I'm comfortable with putting up here, thought I'm not sure where to put them...Is there a certain spot where they should go? If anyone knows please drop a line.

  3. I have completed what I think to be a draft of what I'd call lyrics to Dwelling of Doom, and I will post them here soon. I have always liked that area of the game, and the music portrayed a vastly different theme to me -- "You are in my house Belmont!" -- a kind of reversal of roles. Not to mention those areas made me the most insecure,(darn invisible bricks) and confused(walking above the ceiling), but wouldn't Dracula do anything to stop you? I'd love to see that return, but anyway, I hope you will have some critique for what I've done.

  4. The beginning threw me off for just a bit, as I'm a stickler for intros, but I was gleefully surprised with the rest of the song. I share DJP's view of this, a different tone, but not so much to make it seem forced, and it blends wonderfully! It seems to have many layers going on simultaneously, which echos your own agenda in the game but then you meet others with their own, and so I think it reflects it superbly. Such a great song, worth multiple listens(download), and even now I appreciate the intro, excellent work JM!
  5. Hey everyone at OCR, sorry to have been a ghost for a long time after joining, quite busy as I'm sure you all are as well. Anyway, I am currently working on lyrics for Dwelling of Doom, from CastleVania II. I will have them up for viewing if anyone would care to check them out. I'm also getting to reviewing songs I have downloaded, they are way past due for recognition. Anyway, thanks for all the great work you have all done, I'll continue to try and help out, and definitely remain a fan of this site.

  6. Now this has bloody written all over it, as in bloody fingers from rocking out so much, I can see skeletons in the mansions just falling to pieces from this hardcore version. Perhaps you could try Dwelling of Doom next? The change from 2:14 or so onward gives a legendary rock feeling, while the drums add the spikes to the morning star flavor. I agree that the lyrics are somewhat lost, they are fitting lyrics, maybe you could strengthen the vocals a tad or reduce the rest while they are going? Other then that, I'm happy to see this type of remix, CV was always metal to me, from the whip to the
  7. The gothic days of swinging across levels from the ceiling, much fun indeed! This has so much going for it, the guitar, drums, and all the nuances I can't pick out; they mesh together so well like John Morris' vest. Matching Michiru Yamane's work is a task unto itself, and Elzfernomusic, you did excellently! I am not one of much musical talent, but I know the source very well, and this could very easily be subbed in without much hassle. The changes between songs flow very well, even though some of BL's songs don't match up quite well, and the variety of sources you used matched the original's
  8. To have taken such an active and busy song, and to have simplified it so majestically, it must have taken a lot of work! There is a passion to this song, not with sounds coming from all angles, but instead with a burning desire designed to test one's mettle. It's very focused, as I think accoustics tend to be, which is a good thing. The jaunty half later on gives it a good kick, as this is Metal Man after all, and he needs to have an edge. Level 99 you did amazing work here, such a change from the normal tone, but you wouldn't be Level 99 if you couldn't pull it off now would you?
  9. Tepid, this has some funk on it, and in a groovy yet techno flair. I'm reminded of the first time I played Flash Man's level with this, and given how popular that song is, then you must know that's a great thing! The guitar sounds fantastic, tempo and drums give this must-funkwalk-feeling, and I'm guessing synths(?) give a great air to I think are difficult notes to match just right. I would say this is the iGerudo for 2010, and it's highly worth downloading!
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