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  1. Part of my reasoning for the melody being in the background in some parts is partly due to the fact that, in my band class, our director will have us quiet out the lead parts a bit so the audience can hear the background parts, which I also like to hear as well.
  2. Well, thanks for the feedback guys! I found the lack of constructive criticism other than "start over" (which is fine) to be out of place to me. I feel it wasn't completely awful as you said, but I do see that there are more bad spots than good. Cons: Melody overused Out of Key in several places Bad arrangement Pros: Drums Thanks for the feedback. (Baby Murder XD)
  3. This is a work in progress, I've been working on for a little while now. Its the Sonic 3 Lava Reef Zone music. It has a sort of apocalypse theme to it. Song What do you think?
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