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  1. Good night! As reads the headline today I bring you a new item that is new and totally exclusive because has not yet been released anywhere in the world. As it could not be otherwise, I have simply not publish the full original game but I bring you an improved version that I made. Hope you like it! : D http://www.manuelmora.es/2009/12/05/exclusiva-tema-de-zelda-spirit-tracks/ Greetings!
  2. Thanks! I'm glad you like it. I submited it two days ago, wait for news. Greetings!
  3. Hello! I'm back to show my new song. At this time I've been working on an improved version of the credits song of Streets of Rage 2, the wonderful composition of Yuzo Koshiro. I hope you enjoy it! http://www.manuelmora.es/2009/09/10/streets-of-rage-2-ending-arranged/ Greetings!
  4. Thanks for your reply Gario. It's not a real orchestra, I played it. The instruments are (like action films) brass and strings and electronic, no wind instrument. Thanks again!
  5. Hello! I'm back to present my new "remix". This is my orchestrated version of Bloody Tears song (Castlevania). I hope you like it! You can hear it in my official webpage: http://www.manuelmora.es Direct link: http://www.manuelmora.es/2009/02/15/nuevo-tema-bloody-tears-orchestrated/ I'm waiting your opinions! Greetings!
  6. Thanks for your reply Vidilian!
  7. Hello! I'm back to present my new videogame remix. Well this is not a remix at all, is my own version of Shenmue theme, the game published by SEGA in 2000 year. Direct link: http://www.manuelmora.es/2009/02/09/nuevo-tema-ryos-dream/ I'm waiting your opinions! Greetings!
  8. I did not know that, it seems that I have no luck. Some time ago I sent one of Metal Gear Solid with good reviews and thousands of downloads and was rejected, now this song can not appear on the page. :'(
  9. I'd just send the song trough the submission adress
  10. Thanks Dj Pretzel!! I didn't know this peculiarity about the Creative Commons licenses, thanks for the warning
  11. Good afternoon everyone! I'm writing to announce I've posted a new remix inspired by a video game. This time is a remix inspired in Little Big Planet. The official presentation of Little Big Song has been today Sunday in a radio interview accompanied by the premiere of the new song exclusively. You can hear it and download it following the link in my signature image. I hope you like it!
  12. Hi, I think that this is the proper forum for what I am going to show. I created a remix based on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and I would like to know your opinion. You can hear it here: Castlevania: SOTN Medley I hope you will like it!
  13. Thanks for your reply! The chorus of voices try to be faithful to the sound that you hear when you see the logo from Konami (when the game starts).
  14. Thanks for your answer . I agree with you in what you say about the bass, I update it shortly. Thanks again!
  15. Hi, I think that this is the proper forum for what I am going to show. I created a song based on Metal Gear Solid and I would like to know your opinion. Years ago (2002) I released a demo version of this theme. This is the full version. You can hear it here: Metal Gear Medley I hope you like!
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