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  1. Ohhh, very nice . Maybe a bit less use of drums would help though.
  2. OK so i am a big fan of this source, dire dire docks. However though all of the remixes that people keep doing, they never seem to get a particular part of the song. Focus less on the instruments that you are now, and focus on the VIOLIN part that nobody hit right yet. On a lighter note, thanks for the remix your attempting. I never get sick of them.
  3. Thought it was great, except for the " da da da da do do " vocals part. I hate when people do that.
  4. I for one think this is a great song already, and with further perfection could be the best dire dire docks remix yet . I particularly like how you use all parts and sounds of the song.
  5. Here is a different one, the track is called '' Flameout ''. I think it was first on the PC way back then as a tech demo. But, it was ported and improved for the N64; thus a N64 song. Good luck, Thanks!!!