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    See, i knew that was people thought but thats the thing, the designers of the game(s) and the anime(s) thought of that which is why there are totally different OST for both the anime and the games. Each Cd's has about 20 tracks and none of them are the same from the anime OST. If you want you can check if you don't believe me or would you like for me to post links to the every Cd tracks list,
  2. wow im surprized that there is not one single remix of any of the .hack games which is why im here really .hack makes some of my most beloved music that i have ever heard and i was hoping that one of you creators could make some it would make a great album since there are no remixes of it yet no but really i would like to hear some remixes for the game like "Swaying Emotions" use any of the song i REALLY REALLY want to see some .hack remixes anyboyelse with me?