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  1. No one care to critique? I changed the OP to include all of my tracks, I put the best ones on that Youtube page.
  2. Any advice is greatly appreciated! I'm brand new to mastering, but have been practicing theory for a few years. http://www.youtube.com/user/ProgressiveElectric
  3. Well I took your advice as well as others' into consideration and made each song noticably better, as well as added a few more. Still the original link at www.myspace.com/stevenbelowsky . All critique is muuuuuch appreciated.
  4. I didn't even notice where the notes escape the grid, it must have been when I turned the magnet off to change some notelengths, where specifically was that? At 1:20 it's a timpani. I agree, I need a different drum there. Yeah, and myspace kills the quality at 1:50. Thanks for all the tips \ suggestions!
  5. I'm really new to mixing \ mastering but have been writing music for a while. http://www.myspace.com/stevenbelowsky "Flash Man" is a remix of the flash man theme from megaman 2. "Apocalypse Please" was inspired by the Muse song of the same title. "Night Revamped" came out sounding the best, imo. The other songs are completely original work, please give me critique \ advice! Oh, and also, myspace music completely kills my quality, what's a good site to upload all my mp3's to?
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