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  1. Well this is to everyone. Sorry Sorry I know it isn't enough but I don't have much else to go on except for how I remember it. It's been bugging me for a long time now. Other important facts: ANYTHING helps. I know there are a lot out there, but if you have a song like it just post it and we'll go from there. I've been digging for a long time now and just thought about posting it on a forum to get more brains on it. Don't worry, I don't think you guys are assholes. Your the best I've got right now. and no, it isn't an OC song.
  2. I hope I'm in the right forum for this. I need helping finding a song. It has no words. Criteria: -Instramental -Children Laughing -dreamlike (not creepy) -Possibly durring the era of PS1-PS2 -Possibly a Video Game Song Any help would be apreciated. If this is in the wrong place, I beg the Mods to move it and tell me where please! I am in dire need of this song. Feel free to post as many as you can find.