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  1. How have I ignored this mix in my playlist for so long!? DjP...You really outdid yourself on this one. I put it on a mix and have been playing it at work. That is until the boss man told me no more of my music... Yeah. That's right. People at subway enjoy listening to your mixes, along with the rest of the OCR crew. I'm pleased there are mixes as beautiful as this one. A Pleasant alternative to listening to country...*Sigh* There needs to be a OCR Radio Station! And this song needs to be played hourly!

  2. Culex from Mario RPG. Insane.

    Are you weak? Culex is a CAKE boss.

    All you have to do is take out his Crystals, then slaughter him. If you have Bowser and Peach in your party...It's not a big fight at all. If your gonna do bosses from SMRPG. Why not say Jinx is harder? Even though he's not. I find that SMRPG was rather easy.

    ...As for Orgulla. *Shakes fist* It took me forty minutes to kill that *Insert major profanity*. I hate her. And for that, I don't feel like playing XenoSaga II ever again(That and it was a MAJOR let down to Gears and #1).


  3. Still. Omega Weapon from FF8 was a bitch...I don't think Ruby or Emerald compare to him. Especially when you get him to 300 HP and BAM! Terra Break and your party is dead.

    But...What about Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts? He was a S.O.B., Still haven't beat him.

    Or how 'bout on the super hard difficulty on full turbo on SFII turbo, M.Bison? As a child, I could never beat him...Not even now!!

  4. I review this mix with a chat session from IRC when I first got this TODAY from Walan...

    <Kyoden> Listening to HillyBilly Rodeo

    <Walan> djp's best.

    <Kyoden> W..t..f...

    <Walan> That's what I first said.

    <Kyoden> This is funny.

    <Kyoden> LoL!

    <Kyoden> I like this.

    <Walan> That's djp's own voice, btw.

    <Kyoden> OMG

    <Kyoden> I wonder what he was smoking.

    Sweet mother of jebus. What is wrong with you DJP?

    No matter, It made me laugh, and I give this mix a good rating, I recommend it, It's worth a quick laugh at the very least.

  5. I don't care what you all say. You say this mix is shabby? No way. I like the 'industrial' effect, I'm not sure if that is what it's called. But it makes it sound like it's a weapons factory. And I like that, It draws me into the song and then the main melody kicks up. This is a very nice Mix. But it's all a matter of Personal opinion. I would recommend this one.

    I serious am drawn into this mix just for those heavy drums. It makes this mix.

    Edit: Curse you Typos!

  6. Thanks strider, i'm planning on buying a better synth module and redoing some patches.

    #2, the reason i called the song "the zero sacrifice" is because at the end of said sigma stage, zero...well...sacrifices himself.

    Yes...That's what I meant, I knew the intentions. Heh, The particular scenario brought back the ol' memories of Zero getting pissed, whooping some hsit up and going Kamikaze.

  7. Good Job Vigilante.

    THis mix was quite, Interesting, the beginning 'Da de da' distorted noise set me off first. Then...Well...

    I liked the 'Zero' Theme incorporated into Sigma Stage one. I bet if you re-vamped this, it would be one hell of a piece. All in all, I give it a 8.5/10.

    You did a nice job, and I love this theme. The guitar made this piece in my opinion.

    I thought it was my dad playing the Video Game, but you actually had multiple guitars. NICE! Hopefully I will get up to your calliber someday.

  8. Oh My.

    This is some good mixage, I've been holding off on reviewing it, but I figured I might as well.

    Okay, Here Goes:

    I like the way the mix flows together, this being one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite Ninja Gaiden theme in the first place. You get the normal distorted technoy feel with the light drums and such, with more of an upbeat yet relaxed feel. Good Stuff.

  9. The intelligence level of most people astounds me, just by glancing at the format of this forum and pretz's announcement. Well, There isn't much hope for many people. Hell how hard is it to go. *Insert Game name* - *INsert Title of Song* for your title of the thread? Not very hard what-so-ever. But enough of that, People will learn hopefully.

  10. I think the hardest bosses i've faced would be OZMA from FFIX... i dunno, i just had HEAPS of trouble with him... or her... or it.

    And in Final Fantasy VIII i thought Omega... not ultima, as in the one in ultimecia's castle was really hard... if you don't use holy wars the only way i could see to beat him is to just rely on pheonix to be summoned after omega casts terra break...

    that's who i thought was hard anyway!!!

    ...Lord have mercy on your soul Child. For if you have Beaten the OMEGA Weapon without the Holy Wars which I am trying to do, and have been trying to do for quite some time. You are more of a person than I. The best of luck to you.

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