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    Member of OCR from times long past. Perhaps I'm making a come-back?
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    Wallace Kowalski
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  1. If only I could be active in this community again. Some of the best people I've met in my lifetime. Alas, Life happens. And...Here I go back to not posting for another four years.
  2. Wallace Kowalski(Strider Kyoden) Seguin, Texas 78155
  3. Don't really like dubstep, Anything with too much Bass rubs me the wrong way but... Probably because of the original tunes being to my liking...Kudos to this mix. Considering I don't post often on the boards... Shows something about it, Again, Good job on the mix!
  4. Wish I could have donated more($10 makes me feel cheap @.@). Keep up the good work guys! You all do an amazing job!
  5. Indeed. Though I've been way too busy IRL to actually come back to OCR!

  6. I'm only randomly checking in from time to time.

    BTW, #Mae on esper.net is making a tiny comeback. Perfect place for BS!

  7. Holy hell! You're back on OCR. Well if you ever wanna BS or whatnot, I'll be on Yahoo and MSN ^^ Ciao~

  8. After 320+ Days of game time in FFXI... Being San d'Oria'n for about 80% of it and spending a mass amount of time in San d'Oria...This tune is a refresher. A lovely piece that would do nicely, If I still played FFXI this would make it a bit more bearable to run around the elf town. Very well done indeed. Now if only there would be a mix like this for the Xarcabard regions. ^_~
  9. This thread is still alive after years? Going for all time hardest boss...From all the gaming experience I've had so far... Absolute Virtue - FFXI "Casting Spell Ownga." ;_;
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