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  1. I like it so far. I think I find Coffee-Brown Eyes a cut above the other tracks. It's lively and mild. But I have to agree with jabond23 that it sounds a little too MIDI-y. I think the composition is nice, but if there were a way to get performers in on the action it would really settle well. Unless, of course, these are live instruments and I'm just hearing them wrong. I also like the bittersweet eerie-ness of Suite of the Damned - Entr'acte, But the contrabass(?) is a little distracting with its quality.:nicework:

  2. I agree with Inferno 232: a little dingy. It picks up nicely with the horns and I really felt like it was going to go places, but then it stopped. Personally, it sounds more like one of those frantic, "we need to get the hell out of here" moments, especially with its urgency--it would be great for it. But, with such a short loop, the song could get easily overdone if used consistently in battle.

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