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  1. I really like the sound of this one! It has enough range that you could stick it almost anywhere in an RPG like Ar Tonelico or, let's say, any of the other generally more light-hearted VGs. Good job.
  2. This is a song I've made within the last month or so and posted to my YouTube channel. It's sort of a quirky instrumental piece. Any feedback would be appreciated, especially pointers/tips. Thanks, guys, and hope you enjoy.
  3. This is an outrageously good song! Makes me wish I still played Pokemon. Keep 'em coming, man.
  4. Amazing samples! I love the song and the quality is awesome.
  5. Very fitting for the area described. Wonderful job!
  6. Very pretty! The mastering could use just a little work, maybe by filling the space differently, but your voice is great and the composition itself is wonderful.
  7. I loved every one of these songs! The quality and imagination were soooo good. I wish you luck, man. This is great stuff.
  8. I like it so far. I think I find Coffee-Brown Eyes a cut above the other tracks. It's lively and mild. But I have to agree with jabond23 that it sounds a little too MIDI-y. I think the composition is nice, but if there were a way to get performers in on the action it would really settle well. Unless, of course, these are live instruments and I'm just hearing them wrong. I also like the bittersweet eerie-ness of Suite of the Damned - Entr'acte, But the contrabass(?) is a little distracting with its quality.
  9. These are nice so far. I'm definitely going to check out your channel more often. The battle song is really nice and has a very interesting pace.
  10. I really liked it. I'll post my comment on the Tube.
  11. I agree with Inferno 232: a little dingy. It picks up nicely with the horns and I really felt like it was going to go places, but then it stopped. Personally, it sounds more like one of those frantic, "we need to get the hell out of here" moments, especially with its urgency--it would be great for it. But, with such a short loop, the song could get easily overdone if used consistently in battle.
  12. Really crisp sounding. I like the quality, and the jingles are fun!
  13. Plenty of information and insight. Refreshing and interesting to read since its written in "human-ese" instead of "consumer-please-read-me". I'll keep reading, though, and thanks.
  14. These are all very useful. So far the tweakbench works nicely. Thanks.
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