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  1. also there's the whole "color" of music thing, how it relates to the affective key characteristics i haven't looked into yet http://www.musicawareness.com/ColorsBook3.html anything more on color and music, just google "color music" but most ought to be taken with a grain of salt
  2. I agree with the above, that doesn't wound bad or fake. Part of it could be that you know it's a fake, a synth, so you'll always hear it as such. Same with other people who've used or heard a particular synth version, they know from working with it it's fake so no matter how well it's done it will always sound fake to them. I LOVE this kind of stuff, this is exactly what I want. Please do more as you mentioned. I've found some things in the same vein online, they inspire me to write some interesting melodies, at least to myself. http://ase.tufts.edu/psychology/music-cognition/emotion2009.html
  3. ha, i still sing that to myself on random occasions! at least, the part i remember: " clay fighters clay clay fighters come and fight them if you dare " what was that tune [at least that part] originally?
  4. earthworm jim's "what the heck?" from :34 on is elevator music with random screams. loved that as a kid: and the "andy asteroids" level - while banjo music may be befitting of a chase, not so much one in a wormhole in space:
  5. yes!: also, i liked the country radio in the first gta. it had one song, covered for by the announcer saying "well that was so good i think i'll play it again" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNByQsKlRew and gta2 had a christian radio station, this was the funniest song on it: "jesus my savior, my favorite flavor" that's all i can really think of now...
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