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  1. Not me. I won a copy of Portal 2. I gave it to Bark for Fishmas.
  2. All the 'Summon Legend' cards I know are from the 1994 Legends expansion. </sadoldgeek>
  3. A quick note to some of last night's Prop Hunters: I have a shaved undercut, and have since 2000. My hair is long on top and 1/16" underneath, when freshly trimmed. Bark's comments about going to shave my head are just that - he's just trimming my undercut for me. He isn't pinning me to the ground and forcibly shaving me. So for those of you who expressed concern or dismay, it's ok. LOL.
  4. It wasn't really a request - more a commentary on the logic of the situation, but thank you. I do appreciate it. I like to play when Bark is on - it's been frustrating to have to sit and watch him play without being able to connect myself. I also realize that connection time is affected by time zone, as well; OCR tends to fill up fast between 8 and 9 EST, drops off between 10:30 and 11:30, and then gets a second wave at 12 AM Est/ 8-9 PM PST. It is easier to connect later at night.
  5. I find the connection situation is a catch-22. I would play more often, except quite often I cannot get on the server because it's full. The people who consistently can connect to the server, to be in the top 50 in connection time, now can get on...more consistently. Just saying.
  6. I am le sad. I has no video card at the moment, so I cannot play with new toys.
  7. Yes, we know, Hank. You're so Batman.
  8. Is this the line for 'Crates for Brushfire'? 'cause I have crates. For Brushfire.
  9. I've had this problem for months. It's constant, and it makes my game unplayable. Hense my absence.
  10. Baha gave me Ze Goggles gratis the other night. <3
  11. Dude...that's like an all-paid trip on some luxury spaceliner, and then realizing you're spending the trip with Ruby Rod.
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