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  1. This...Is...Totally...EPIC! I love what was done here with such an already epic BMG from one of my favorite childhood VG's! The atmosphere, the feel, the flow, the...well, EVERYTHING!

    I can not believe that there is this much talent in just a debut piece! I expect to hear great things from you Justin!! 8)

    May the gods of music watch over your OCR career and bless you with the ideas to captivate the entire community!

  2. The origonal was just a bit more captivating then this mix was. I still like it over all.

    Its just a bit too mellow for me considering im one of those that likes the techno-ish, metal and electronic hype type of remixes :P the occasional slow track is nice...but the twist on this track is the fact its slow with alot of different catches, hypes, and change-ups. Like from 2:00-2:30 aprx it mellows out then kicks back up. not a bad touch, but I still like the origonal better.

    7 out of 10

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