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    Nothing all that interesting other than I have a brilliant ear for music and a general love for revisions. I work from home and own my own business.
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  1. This...Is...Totally...EPIC! I love what was done here with such an already epic BMG from one of my favorite childhood VG's! The atmosphere, the feel, the flow, the...well, EVERYTHING! I can not believe that there is this much talent in just a debut piece! I expect to hear great things from you Justin!! May the gods of music watch over your OCR career and bless you with the ideas to captivate the entire community!
  2. Brilliant! I remember the very first remix I heard of Hot Pursuit and I basically fell in love with the melody, and even to this day I still listen to it. Good Times, GOOD memories, and just the atmosphere this melody brings is excellent. Side-Note: It's good to be back in the OCR community
  3. Really REALLY mellow. peaceful. enjoyable. 7 out of 10
  4. Smooth and steady intro, love the pick-up and the over-all beat is excellent! Cant get enough of it! I say another revision of this particular track using this style of vocal-input (just in my words) with a slight grunge/metal feel to it would bring out the true feel in my opinion, to one of the greatest CC Tracks EVER! 10 out of 10! 5 Stars! 3 Thumbs Up!
  5. old and funky Still a nice twist to what you normally hear outta CC and CT remixes
  6. The origonal was just a bit more captivating then this mix was. I still like it over all. Its just a bit too mellow for me considering im one of those that likes the techno-ish, metal and electronic hype type of remixes the occasional slow track is nice...but the twist on this track is the fact its slow with alot of different catches, hypes, and change-ups. Like from 2:00-2:30 aprx it mellows out then kicks back up. not a bad touch, but I still like the origonal better. 7 out of 10
  7. Absolutly Perfect for relaxing to and taking that stroll alone after a long day of work. Ive been a fan of CC since its release and ive been tryin to dig up some music to it...welp, here i find it BRILLIANT!
  8. Lets put it this way, the beat to this on a sub system...rattled my house and royally ticked off my surrounding neighboors LOL 11 out of 10 just because this is the best Ice Cap revision EVER!
  9. :-oYa know what....the more and more Ice Capped remixes that come out the more burnt on the track i get....I personally love the origonal Ice Capped revision...the VERY FIRST one ever made....all the new ones that keep comming out make me wonder....are we obsessed with sonic 3 music? YES WE ARE! 8 out of 10 for this one
  10. Excellent! Just browsing through everything and i strike this remix. *drools* TASTY! Not keen on its repeating, but you know what? It got my family bouncin' HA! Love it. I suggest a revision of this song but with a more upbeat and metal gnere:banghead: <---headbangers need somethin good to bang to
  11. Epic is all i have to say. Ive been a big cave story fan ever since i found OC remixes for it. Excellent track +10
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