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    I enjoy game music, especially pieces written by the great Koji Kondo. My favorite bands are Queen, Powerglove, The One-Ups, and NESkimos. I play trumpet and hope to get a remix up that includes this instument.
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  1. Second song to be put here. This is a ROUGH creation recently I made at school in my music arts class. I am looking for some feedback to improve it before I make it with real instruments. It is 100% MIDI right now, so don't complain about the instruments sounding fake, I am well aware. I was tired of explaining the amount of work I put into my last song, and people continued to call it fake. I hate criticism of that kind when I explained it was a rough creation i made. Please tell me anything I did wrong or anything I can do to improve it. As always be tough, but fair. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/400562
  2. And those are not snares or a kit. The drums are a repeating bongo MIDI. It is like I said in the original post, about 70% of this mix is MIDI, and it is just a rough work in progress, nothing more.
  3. Also, I know what the Slayer Preset is, and I HATE the sound quality of it. I have only used it a few times with the unplugged sound, and it still wasn't very good. PS: Yes, Rozovian, you are right. It is just a loop heavily edited. Thanks for recognizing that.
  4. To clarify: The guitar was EXTENSIVELY EDITED IN WAVEPAD. it is a loop and It is the FIRST THING I RECORDED. I wrote the rest around the guitar. It wasn't very hard to get timing. You would be very surprised what is possible with audio editing software if you work with it.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, I wasn't expecting anything supremely positive. I am new at mixing. The only thing is, that is a real guitar, I don't know what settings my cousin used or what kind of guitar it was, but it is real. It was also recorded via microphone, not electronically. That might explian the crappy quality, also when I spent time in wavepad deleting background noise and adding a slight echo to cover up the skips and noise i couldn't filter out. But, again, thanks for the feedback. I'll work on this extensively and hopefully have something worth putting up in the following months.
  6. I have done many videogame remixes and submitted the better ones to Newgrounds. Just click on my username and listen to them at your leisure if you wish, if not, disregard this post.
  7. This is my first post onto this thread, but I have been listening to OCRemix since the early 2000's. I have submitted 4 remixes to this site, mostly with good feedback, but ultimately rejected due to it sounding simple and unfinished, which I understand, I'm not exactly Koji Kondo. I have been working on this piece for a while. Believe it or not, though this was partly made on FL Studios, that's me playing the trumpet part, I got a friend to do the flute section in the beginning, and my cousin did the electric guitar, though they were all electronically edited with wavepad to eliminate blemishes and even out the tone, and the trumpet part is a loop. The drum beats, the wave guitar, and the acoustic are all MIDI's, though I edited them to sound a bit more real, but they're far from perfect. I like this piece, but am looking for some feedback and criticism before I submit this to the judges panel. Be tough, but fair. Link: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/394386
  8. Extremely well done for a first try. The feel is good, and I like the way the instruments compliment each other. The sound balance on the speakers could use a little bit of fleshing out, but well balanced for the most part. To grife, the instruments sound a little cheap and electronic, especially the trumpet part about 40 seconds in. I would suggest trying to get some real trumpet parts, or at least some authentic emulators, to cover the track. If i am not mistaking, it sounds like you are using a midi file.
  9. I am a man of few words, so I will keep this short and sweet... Here I go... MM HMM HMM HHMMHMM HMM MMMHMM HOLY SH**!!!!!!