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  1. a) wav quality is arbitrary, but quite possibly better than mp3 quality

    B) it sounds fine to me

    c) I like it a lot. I also don't think "sounding like a previous remix" is much of a critisism. People are working from the same source material, and might have decided to take it in a similar way. I don't think just because someone else did it first it makes the latter remix any less musically interesting.

    good work!

  2. I played Morrowing for close to 500 hours. I loved it. I stole every piece of armor I could find, I trained every skill I could, just to level up and become uber. In fact, beating the game was kind of anticlimactic it was so easy.

    So I heard this song more times than I've heard my own name. I don't think this rearrangement does justice to the feelings the gameplay would evoke in me, though. Having a city come into view on a crisp dawn, I liked the brazen sound. I want trumpets and drums instead of winds and subtlety.

    But that's just me. I think this remix was well executed it just took a different direction than I would have hoped :) Good job none-the-less.

  3. This song has a great, sincere energy about it. My friends don't like it much, but I love the bassbeat, love the synths (especially the one that sounds kind of like a voice), love the melody. The repeated voice bits are even fun. I always have to turn down my speakers when I get to the rapping part, though (maybe because I was playing the first half so loud).

    It's very innovative, so even if I didn't like this I'd give it props :) But I do like it so it gets mad props.

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