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  1. Great mix! I also was reminded of Yanni a bit while listening to this. And I don't mean that as an insult.
  2. This song rocks It flows and builds so, so well. One of those songs that I can keep on repeat for a long time. Kudos.
  3. Good stuff. Especially the climax at 2:14. I played morrowind all the way through (and through, and through) and I really never got tired of the music. Nice treatment. I'd love to see more morrowind remixes.
  4. I like this alot. I have no complaints about it. I think it's beautiful. The buildup that starts at 2:35 and has the horns come in at 2:39, just fantastic. I think that could have been explored even further, though.
  5. This is so good! Really badass. It needs a music video to go with it! Can you think of anything better for a Zelda highlight reel?
  6. Nice piece. I'm not quite sure it justifies the length, but I like it. I think the Choral sample is fantastic.
  7. Wow, this is exceptional. This plays like a movie score. Especially around 2:40 with the vocals coming in, it sounds like one of the vocal interludes in Mona Lisa Overdrive on the Matrix reloaded sountrack. You've done so much with so little, kudos!
  8. I think it's fantastic and unique. I really couldn't say anything bad about it. It feels so professional and polished.
  9. I agree the intro is way too long. It really is a minute of nothing.
  10. a) wav quality is arbitrary, but quite possibly better than mp3 quality it sounds fine to me c) I like it a lot. I also don't think "sounding like a previous remix" is much of a critisism. People are working from the same source material, and might have decided to take it in a similar way. I don't think just because someone else did it first it makes the latter remix any less musically interesting. good work!
  11. I played Morrowing for close to 500 hours. I loved it. I stole every piece of armor I could find, I trained every skill I could, just to level up and become uber. In fact, beating the game was kind of anticlimactic it was so easy. So I heard this song more times than I've heard my own name. I don't think this rearrangement does justice to the feelings the gameplay would evoke in me, though. Having a city come into view on a crisp dawn, I liked the brazen sound. I want trumpets and drums instead of winds and subtlety. But that's just me. I think this remix was well executed it just took a different direction than I would have hoped Good job none-the-less.
  12. this really is a great piece. I love it. I just wish the volume / filtering / noise processing whatever problems weren't there. It sounds very dirty.
  13. Love it. Love the harsh reverb especially and synth sounding horns.
  14. I gotta say, this is probably my favorite remix on this entire site. I had this on my mp3 player over the summer when I went to spain, and listend to it like every day. (I didn't have my computer to switch out the songs) I'm not a big trance or techno guy, either, this song just really moves me.
  15. Hmm... I must say this didn't strike me at first. It seemed kind of unexceptional and unemotional. I have listened to it several (uh.. 50) times sense as it grew on me. Definite thumbs up. Keep up the excellent work.
  16. There's too much to review in this song, it's just fantastic the amount of work packed into it. I love the intro. I really appreciate the amount of music in this song. I've been getting frustrated with short remixes. This is one of my favorites in a long time. looping it in winamp long enough to annoy my roommates
  17. The first 1:20 of this song are awesome. I wish that it was expanded into a 20 minute version This reminded me of final fantasy so much... a boss fight that I can't place exactly, but the mood is just great.
  18. This song has a great, sincere energy about it. My friends don't like it much, but I love the bassbeat, love the synths (especially the one that sounds kind of like a voice), love the melody. The repeated voice bits are even fun. I always have to turn down my speakers when I get to the rapping part, though (maybe because I was playing the first half so loud). It's very innovative, so even if I didn't like this I'd give it props But I do like it so it gets mad props.
  19. Perhaps the most mature remix I've heard off of overclocked (or anywhere?). It's epic and beautiful.
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