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  1. A while ago, I wanted to make a video that shows all the games I love to play and for the background music I found out a way to use tunes from different games to make up the arrangement of a new mash up song that would contain many games' themes. It's like patchwork from existing things made into a new dress.

    But as I completed the first one,I thought it would be better not to use the video footage but simply put it on youtube and let people guess what games I use in the songs.

    I liked the process of finding tunes that go together and I made a second one, and I'm thinking about the third one as well.

    Hope you like:


    These are all the ones that I made

  2. I've been playing the beta of firefall quite some time now and I noticed how cool it would be to make a latin/spanish dance version of the main theme. It lends itself to that very well. And being in Brazil and all, I guess the composer did that intentionally but changed it to a symphonic theme for the game. But that's just speculation. Here's my remix.

    Hope you like it.


    For refference: here's the original theme

    If you don't know about firefall yet, you can find out more here!

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