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  1. made a few more (4 in total). I wanted to make another one if I get the inspiration of mashing a few others together.
  2. This isn't really a remix, nor is it an attempt to remake the original melody of the stage 3 urbanite level from axelay. However I tried to create an entirely new song that could fit in that game spirit and it's an imaginary track for an imaginary stage in axelay 2 https://soundcloud.com/cosmicd/urbanite-revisited-2015
  3. A while ago, I wanted to make a video that shows all the games I love to play and for the background music I found out a way to use tunes from different games to make up the arrangement of a new mash up song that would contain many games' themes. It's like patchwork from existing things made into a new dress. But as I completed the first one,I thought it would be better not to use the video footage but simply put it on youtube and let people guess what games I use in the songs. I liked the process of finding tunes that go together and I made a second one, and I'm thinking about the third one as well. Hope you like: These are all the ones that I made
  4. I created this eurotrance rendition of Elizabeth's theme from Bioshock Infinite, just because it fitted so well, and she has a nice trancy voice to put into the breaks Appearently I can't post any mp3 because I'm not allowed to use tags Bring us the girl - Elizabeth's theme (trance remix)
  5. I've added more details to the OP. I realise not everyone knows about this game yet And thanks for the shout out
  6. I've been playing the beta of firefall quite some time now and I noticed how cool it would be to make a latin/spanish dance version of the main theme. It lends itself to that very well. And being in Brazil and all, I guess the composer did that intentionally but changed it to a symphonic theme for the game. But that's just speculation. Here's my remix. Hope you like it. http://soundcloud.com/cosmicd/firefallfest For refference: here's the original theme If you don't know about firefall yet, you can find out more here!
  7. Hello, Just a remix i made from a funny song that's being used over and over on youtube (and was originally from a kirby game) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1319539/gourmet_trance.wav
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