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  1. DKC remixes drew me to OCR years ago, I'm so pleased to finally get the third! I'm only just finishing the first disk and I'll need a few listens to develop some favourites but it is all DAMN GOOD thus far! I mostly just wanted to comment on how good the song transitions are! Like wow, transitions are such a small detail (usually) but I noticed how much I didn't notice the song changes hahaha. The flow from Deep Sea Lights to Exploration C was uncanny (those are two of my fav sources too!). I really enjoy OCR's work with DKC, you guys rock so much.
  2. Wow you played the hell out of it! That's fantastic it sucked you in for that long. As blasphemous as it sounds, I can't help but wonder how many WOW players would convert if you stuck the controller in their hands at the start of Guar Plains. Lovin' your Sig btw
  3. I completely understand that complaint! Battle shouts per minute needs its own slider to crank down lol. Not sure which version you are playing but the European version has a Japanese voice option and personally I found that way more liveable. Partly because you can't tell exactly what they are saying (so its not painful) and also because I enjoy anime and the Japanese language in general. Glad to hear people are getting into this game. It'll show up on IGN's 2017 "Great games you didn't know existed" list and we'll be cool because we played it back in the 3D days!!!
  4. Wow really? That can only be good news for getting a North American release. Sounds like Nintendo didn't expect much from the game. I can't for the life of me, understand Nintendo's reasoning behind not bringing it over (surely one of the higher ups at least tried it?!?). Unless Xenoblade was being ported/upgraded for WiiU... it doesn't fit perfectly but I can't deny the power a 9/10 RPG would have on launch day. Maybe Nintendo knows how good it is and want to downplay it for now, lol. Goofy speculation aside, How are people finding the battle system/difficulty level?
  5. I couldn't agree more, subtitles are always my preference as the original recording always fits better. And just like in Anime, Japanese voices sound awesome and can smooth over occasional cheesy writing. I'm very appreciative that the original recording was kept for the PAL localization. @Brithor: I'm glad you came across this post! The Wii has really lost it's steam and I fear Xenoblade Chronicles won't get the attention it deserves. Please recommend it to friends with the console. My copy has still not arrived D':
  6. Regarding softmodding with the Homebrew Channel and BootMii... First of all, there is always going to be the bricking risk but really the same risk applies every time you update with Nintendo firmware. As long as you read up and take your time, I think it is a very easy and rewarding process. The current exploit for firmware 4.3 can be done from http://please.hackmii.com/ Kotaku had a quick guide for using it but I can't load their page atm... If you do find a guide make sure it's a simple one, there are quite a few that make you modify way too much. All you need is an app that launches disks from the Homebrew Channel that can force region free (Gecko OS). Finally I recommend anyone with HBC to get the Homebrew Browser. It is a very easy app browser right on the Wii. Stuff like Shoutcast Radio Wii, Google Earth Wii, and DVD playback only sweeten the pot. Oh but most importantly! by softmodding you are potentially opening yourself to a world of illegal pirating. I want MonolithSoft to prosper and create many games, therefore I gladly pay for their work. It's obvious that these guys truly care about this game from the music alone, we would be pissing in their face if we stole it.
  7. This is a very nice track I've added it to the YouTube list! Here is a popular one for those that haven't heard it: Gaur Plains
  8. Indeed, JRPGs have been in sharp decline this generation and really since FF7. That comment was more "Finally a great JRPG that is up to today's standards" less "This signals the genre's return to immense popularity and quantity". That said, I truly hope that some of the struggling Japanese studios take critical analysis of Xenoblade as it seems to break free of lots of that "last-gen" design which greatly plagues the genre. Yep, this praise is a tad premature, as I still haven't played it >_<
  9. So I have imported my copy of Xenoblade Chronicles from Europe and Softmodded my Wii to jump through the region-lock hoop... Now I'm stuck waiting for it to arrive. Naturally I decided to check out YouTube for some audio and man oh man I'm liking this stuff. This post is basically to encourage those who haven't to check out Xenoblade and specifically, its awesome music. Nothing gets me hyped for a great game like a tasty soundtrack... Here are a few to start you off: Mechonis Field Tragic Decision Main Theme Mechanical Rhythm The Night Before The Decisive Battle Into The World of Zanza Environment Trailer: Remember that old thing called the JRPG? Yeah, it's back.
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