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  1. I figured if one thing would be a fundamental issue it would be length- My tracks don't usually draw out this long, and as variation has always been a challenge for me it makes sense that it would only compound the issue. I could probably shrink down a bit in a few different sections to help refine/condense the track. Considering your critique I could probably encourage a lot of the changes you suggest by breaking up the main arpeggio that tends to underlie most parts of the track and modifying the the melody to suit it. I do agree that the track wouldn't work as something more "floaty", the instruments are too strong in most areas. Thanks a lot, though! I'll be sure to post when I've got something new to show for it, I appreciate the feedback.
  2. It's been a while. I tweaked the track a while ago and let it sit for a bit to see if I thought of anything else to change, like before- Likewise I'm now going to post the update since it's had enough time to sit around being unheard. https://soundcloud.com/enduar/palace-theme-v2 Took the advice of cutting the fadeout and instead throw in a splash of the NES Dungeon Theme as a closing melody and spiced up the drums in a few places. Also transposed the whole track down a bit since it makes it a little easier to listen to I think. Anyone have further criticism? It's a little bit long but I'm considering submitting this one to the judges to see what they think. Even if it's nitpicky I'd like to hear it, I don't expect the judges to be merciful as I don't have any experience with more professional methods of music-making and I'm sure there's some run-of-the-mill technical stuff I could probably do to clean up the track and make it clearer that I don't have the language to define or identify.
  3. No fancy name for this one yet. Made this on a whim thinking I'd warm up FL Studio and see about another Zelda remix using a lot of the same instruments/effects I'd worked out in my Stone Palindrome remix. I kept myself from posting this for a while wondering if I'd revisit it with any epiphanies I might have and it's sat gathering dust for a little while until now. Nothing crazy with the track, I don't think- It's mostly the Palace Theme with little altered snips of other common Zelda themes thrown in for flavor (ALttP Hyrule Castle Theme, Zelda Main Theme). Typically I've struggled with drum variation (Drums, in general), instrument transitions, and balancing the volume of different instruments among other things I could probably name if I sat and analyzed it long enough. I didn't approach this song as seriously I think, but it came out easier than I expected and I'm pretty pleased with the results. You can find the track via my Soundcloud here. Original track found and/or (as featured in Smash Bros).Also includes references to Zelda's Main Theme ( ), A Link to the Past's /Windwaker's , NES Zelda's , the bass line of Majora's Mask's , and if you want to stretch it a fair bit a short bass piece that's was meant to reference theme from Ocarina of Time (Though only in the sense that it mimics the climb of the notes).Thanks in advance to those who may take the time to listen and leave any comments, it's all very much appreciated- Even if it's not up to part to make the site the feedback is well worth it. This was all composed in FL Studio with plugins and instrument packs that I hope aren't too incredibly recognizable.
  4. Thanks! Typically when I listen to a new version of song that makes the old versions sound wrong somehow, it means I've done something right. The drums really helped fill out the song I think.
  5. It's been a year and a half already? Well, regardless- I brushed the dust off of this gradually evolving track and have been picking away at it every now and then. I think it's at the point where I can nail a new number on the end and say it's up to my current standards. Stone Palindrome V4 Notable improvements other than general tweaking/balancing include an entirely new addition of drums, improvements to the guitar, and a little bit more original composition added at the end. The song moves smoother with the drums and, though as usual I'm falling into a lack of variation there, I'm satisfied with the outcome for the time being. The usual pattern seems to be that I make a new part, let it sit for a long while, then come back during creation of the next version and fix it. As far as submission for judging goes, I still think this track lacks the sort of variation from the source that OC Remix seems to value. I am still considering adding another track from Majora's Mask to Stone Palindrome to give it that extra nudge I feel it needs to succeed here- specifically the use of Ikana Valley theme as a sort of intro/build up to the actual track. Nothing to show for that, though, as it's just something I've been mulling over. Maybe in Version 5, eh? Anyway, some long overdue thanks to Rozovian for giving me his time, good advice, and kind words. I honestly can't remember why I didn't respond at the time. Hope you guys enjoy the track!
  6. First post, here- you can find my Remix here: Stone Palindrome V3 ( )My first foray into digital music production was a remix of the Stone Tower Temple theme in FL Studio- I picked something simple to learn with and the result was pretty good (or so I thought, at the time). I (unfortunately) submitted it here before realizing how much the song could have been improved and before asking for any real feedback or analysis. That was two years ago. Since then I've learned the program better and while most of what I know is still self-taught (I've never taken the time to look up tutorials or anything and I don't really have any good excuse as to why I haven't), I have improved. Unfortunately I'm at a point where, with the death of my poor laptop, I'm unable to produce- but that's not to say I can't look for feedback on the last rendition of my remix and hope I can improve it further in the future. "Stone Palindrome" is my effort to stylize the Stone Tower Temple theme with a bit of a darker, more powerful feel to it and give it some of my own personal spin. I'm not doing anything overly dramatic to it and have mostly stuck to the source material, but I have begun to add more variation to the melody itself in V3. Some self-critique here I will mention is that I do have some habits: -Firstly I am notoriously susceptible to overpowering the bass tracks in my songs, something that carried over from when I was composing music with only earbuds or terrible headsets to rely on (that was... horrible). I do not know how most of my tracks sound on actual speakers setups, nor how the base might distort or otherwise mess up the song as a result. -Additionally I am not very good with drums and tend to forget about them leading to a serious lack of variation- something I've been working on changing (This track is pretty minimalist regarding drums anyway) -Finally, I feel like all of my music could use some additional variation using filters/effects/what-have-you on repetitive parts of the melody and it's something I've been trying to learn- this also encompasses use of volume in general and I feel that I could improve greatly in this regard. Now.... About this track, specifically. -Upon completion and rendering the track I almost immediately regretted forgetting about the guitar piece that starts up 30 seconds in- I'd like to keep it in because it paces the song nicely, but it desperately needs variation as it pretty much just loops for a little while before the melody moves past it. -Orchestral instruments are unfortunately the basics that come with FL Studio, and for that reason I really don't like using them (though I've learned to make do) and would likely swap them out for something better given the opportunity. Everything else is Toxic Biohazard. -Specifically the guitar I may look into having my brother play them personally and have them actually recorded. primarily because it's the most notable part of the second half of the song and it falls into the "I-suck-at-making-things-not-too-repetetive/unvaried" category. -As a sort of addition to this, the background strings that fade in at 2:00 suck, and I'll definitely be making them more than just a single predictable note at each step of the progressing chord. Finally, I don't believe this track is OC-worthy for most of these reasons, but most of all that I don't think it varies the source material enough to qualify- I probably won't submit this unless convinced otherwise by how the track eventually ends up. However, I have been debating on using another Zelda track to compliment the Stone Tower Temple theme and making it a combined mix... I'll get more into that in the event that I'm actually able to start composing again. At any rate, apologies for being a bit too long winded, and thanks in advance for those who take the time to leave feedback. Majora's Mask is far too under-represented here so maybe I can help to change that.
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