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  1. Greetings. Still alive out there?

  2. She appears to be done with the first page. Your input for that and the next page would be appreciated.

  3. Hope you ain't gone too long.

  4. Gonna come on sometime?

  5. I know this is bothersome, but we need you on soon. Really.

  6. What they said. But with more enthusiasm.

  7. I'd really appreciate it if you could log on and stay a while.

  8. Yoro~

    Okay I'm bored and need something to do other than LoL. =P

  9. Save us. Please.

  10. 涼宮ハルヒの消失.



  11. I don't suppose you're still interested these days.

  12. Not that I'm in a terrible rush, but we really need to chat sometime soon.

  13. I guess this means you're gone for good.

  14. Don't suppose you're alive somewhere out there.

  15. Would be nice if you checked in every now and then.

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