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  1. I am probably the most musically ignorant musician that exists. I couldn't play you a single chord, don't ask me what key my music is in because I have no idea and the only scale I ever knew, I forgot. But this never stopped me composing 20 so songs so far.

    I wish I had been born into a musical family but the closest thing i've ever had to a musical instrument for the first 15 years of my life was a washing machine. It wasn't until my musically obsessed friend ( you know the sort of guy) made me realise how wonderful and exciting actually playing music is.

    To cut a long story short, I find myself in a room surrounded by instruments that have either been presents, inheritance or simply 'found' (interesting story behind how I found my guitar hah). I'm told by many that i'm 'talented' or have a knack for music but that certainly dosen't make me an instant rockstar. After I finish up with Uni for about 7 months(ish), I plan to invest my time on honing pretty much every aspect of music I can, including general music knowledge, technical skills and composition writing.

    It's taken me 3 years, full of many distractions and conflicting priorities, to get me musically where I am today.

    And I've only just begun.

  2. I was in Japan and I saw a mini theatre type thing like that invoving Resident Evil.

    It was a ten minute film and the seat fell out on you and air was blasted to simulate flesh eating bugs.

    Worth every bit of the 500 Yen.

    I have a new reason to go to Japan.

  3. Anyone seen 4D?

    It's close to 3D but with things being chucked at you. I saw a show in Thailand that was supposedly '4D'. It involved acrobats, lasers, fireworks and elephants crapping on the stage. Delightful.

    But certainly a touch more expensive than a 3D movie.

  4. I've always been a fan of Chell from Portal, mostly because they don't make a big deal over her being female. In fact, you wouldn't even know you were playing as a girl if you didn't see yourself going through a portal on the other side of the room. Also, she's normal looking and not wearing a skimpy outfit. She's just a female, and they don't exploit it. Yay!

    Damn straight.

    Gameplay > Gender

    However, in some cases sex just sells.

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