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  1. Ech

    Halo Reach

    I was brawlin' for hours. Practically tore the place apart.
  2. Bah! Eventually every song will sound like another
  3. Wait, someones gonna have to explain that thing to me...
  4. Ech

    Halo Reach

    I found myself at the Reach midnight launch at EB Games. Nerds galore. Brought the girlfriend along. She loved it... (Poor thing...)
  5. I'll join the club. I recall having to improvise a scene back in high school drama class involving 2 people with dark pasts and their judging lawyers being stuck in an lift... No angel of death though.
  6. Sonic the hedgehog 2 on sega megadrive. ahhh... *reminisce*
  7. Sounds like this track came straight off a ministry of sound album. Quality man, love it.
  8. Ubisoft have employed Paul Robertson, the man who created , to lead the art design/animation of the game that will come of this movie.Damn I should make this a separate thread because IT'S JUST SO FUCKING COOL.
  9. The ending to Borderlands makes my top 5 worst endings ever list. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Also, a friends making me get civilization 4; any good?
  10. Ech

    Monster Hunter Tri

    6 hours in, good times are being had. It's the first time in weeks since I've had free time (and what better way to spend it?) Heres a query... Does Australia use American or European servers?
  11. Haaaaaaaaaa I can imagine them sitting around thinking 'hmm... what rhymes with ocarina...' This is an instant classic.
  12. I am probably the most musically ignorant musician that exists. I couldn't play you a single chord, don't ask me what key my music is in because I have no idea and the only scale I ever knew, I forgot. But this never stopped me composing 20 so songs so far. I wish I had been born into a musical family but the closest thing i've ever had to a musical instrument for the first 15 years of my life was a washing machine. It wasn't until my musically obsessed friend ( you know the sort of guy) made me realise how wonderful and exciting actually playing music is. To cut a long story short, I find myself in a room surrounded by instruments that have either been presents, inheritance or simply 'found' (interesting story behind how I found my guitar hah). I'm told by many that i'm 'talented' or have a knack for music but that certainly dosen't make me an instant rockstar. After I finish up with Uni for about 7 months(ish), I plan to invest my time on honing pretty much every aspect of music I can, including general music knowledge, technical skills and composition writing. It's taken me 3 years, full of many distractions and conflicting priorities, to get me musically where I am today. And I've only just begun.
  13. hmm..... I'll risk it methinks. Maybe on $2 Tuesday.
  14. Ech

    3D vs. 2D Movies

    I have a new reason to go to Japan.
  15. Has anyone watched the straight to DVD Halo anime episodes? I've walked past it at the rental shop but never ended up making the effort to get it out. Reviews? Also... SAINTS ROW 2??
  16. Ech

    3D vs. 2D Movies

    Anyone seen 4D? It's close to 3D but with things being chucked at you. I saw a show in Thailand that was supposedly '4D'. It involved acrobats, lasers, fireworks and elephants crapping on the stage. Delightful. But certainly a touch more expensive than a 3D movie.
  17. Damn straight. Gameplay > Gender However, in some cases sex just sells.
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