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  1. Bumping! We're now available on the App Store! Check the game out!
  2. 100 Rogues is a brand new turn-based dungeon crawling RPG for the iPhone. Its graphics are nothing but hand-made pixel art, and its music is nothing but SNES soundfonts. Today we launch the "100 Rogues Remix Contest". The soundtrack itself is available for download HERE (Mirror). Remixes will be judged by the developer, Dinofarm Games. Winners will receive free copies of the game and other cool stuff like posters, t-shirts, and autographed concept art. Also their name will be included in the credits of the game. Please post your submissions in this thread, or email them to ! CONTEST ENDS JUNE 15TH. If you wish to learn more about 100 Rogues, please visit For those who just like to listen, please feel free to let us know what you think of our soundtrack! Thanks, and have a good time! Keith Burgun, Lead Designer @ Dinofarm Games
  3. Hi there, my name's Keith Burgun and I'm working on an iPhone RPG called "100 Rogues". As a promotional thing we've released the full soundtrack for download here. I think you guys might like it because it's all 16 bit SNES synths and very melodically & thematically driven stuff. Also, if you want more info on the game, it can be found here. It's coming out next month! Thanks guys, and please let us know what you think! -Keith Burgun, Dinofarm Games -On Twitter -On Facebook