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  1. Source files in Reason 5.0 can be found here: BWOMP:
  2. thanks! I can't wait to get more done. In the meantime, I'm also helping develop EMUya, an NES emulator for the new Ouya console :] I've made it so that oldschool videogames are consuming my creative life for the moment haha
  3. Click here the enter the CLOUD a list of oldschool SNES tracks that I'm going to try remixing with trap, house, and dub over the coming months, stay tuned for an upcoming album: Chrono Trigger - The Brink of Time Chrono Trigger - To Far Away Times Final Fantasy 3 - Kefka Theme Secret of Mana - Fear of the Heavens (opening theme) _____________________________________________________________________ find enlightenment through facebook :]
  4. featuring Megaclown, Drew Nowacoski (art), Alicia Cantalupo (violin, not yet in final tracks), and more.
  5. Feel free to close your eyes and let your imagination take over :]
  6. giving this a bump for the people with hypemachine accounts, feel free to give it a vote if you enjoyed listening :]!/item/1981a/Retrotation+-+POPPYSEED+Electro+Nintendo+Dubstep+
  7. Yeah there's lazerbass/wub in the chorus but that's as far as dubstep it goes. Just my personal homage to my roots :] Also, reverb sounds like a good idea..
  8. And now... for something completely different.
  9. thanks erin :] PS everyone this track is rocking up the charts over at the Hypemachine. Feel free to give it a vote if you really loved it!!/item/185t3/Retrotation+-+Classical+Divine+la+Dubstep
  10. Because... they're not that big of a deal? I think Ableton's transient detection is even worse IMO. Just select the markers and press your delete key where they don't belong. The clicks and pops are because the markers aren't placed at the beginning of the wave (0db mark), which means you'll have to go in an individually edit each marker where there is a serious pop issue. And when it skips a transient, I think it might have to deal with the transient not being clearly enough defined for it to place a definite marker requiring human help. The dual marker meaning "I'm not sure, it could be either." As far as I know, all slice programs have these issues to an extent... Recycle is actually one of the better ones I've used.
  11. yeah you're not the first person to mention that - went back and took it out of the intro. I think it flows better now :] thanks for the input! Edit: oh and I've learned it all on my own over the course of the last year. I'm not great yet but I'm gettin somewhere.. haha
  12. feedback is welcome! would love to get some crits :]
  13. enjoi with family and friends!
  14. I didn't actually notice your reply 'til now since you brought it up in the other thread, thanks dude I'm glad you appreciated this piece! It really did all come together in a single recording session on my keyboard which I then sequenced/mixed/mastered in the course of a few hours. Sometimes ya get lucky and everything comes together perfect the first go around :]