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  1. So today I hooked up a stereo system through my computer. It all works fine, the left speaker, and a sub woofer. But...when I channel an instrument to the right nothing is coming from the speaker, in fact no sound at all is coming from the right. Anything I can do to fix this? I know the speakers are fine. It's done this with two sets now today. Please help anybody?
  2. Hey everyone. Here is my myspace www.myspace.com/apostmoderncliche I finally have a song up with at least SOME lyrics in it now. And also if you want tons of free downloads of my songs you can go here, to Pure Volume: http://www.purevolume.com/ThePostModernCliche23764 Let me know what you think.
  3. You think this would be good to learn with? http://www.oxesoft.com/#donate
  4. Does anybody know where I can get a good VST that best re creates the synth sounds from pokemon or sonic the hedgehog? And also sonic and pokemon noises, not just the synths? Anything of this sort? I may not be very good at explaining it, but I think you get what I mean.
  5. So far I have found this: http://pctutorialsonline.net/index.php/guitar-hero-world-tour-drums-on-pc.html If anyone can help me branch off of this for use with a PS2 model please help.
  6. I've seen around that you can connect Guitar Hero drums through to fruity loops or any other program like that. If I want to connect mine through how could I do this? I have a guitar hero world tour drum set for the PS2 and it has a MIDI jack in the back, a midi in jack. Would I be using that? Or how? It's wireless also. If anybody knows anything about this please help.
  7. do you know of a good subtractive synth I could practice with all of these on?
  8. Well the thing is. I know a little bit. But not a ton. Can you give me a good link? And I hear some of them sounding similar to some sytrus presets but I can't remember. I'm just so jumbled right now.
  9. Okay so I need some help just kind of finding these sounds in FL. Owl City's songs "Hello Seattle" and "Vanilla Twilight" I have already found the original Toxic Biohazard sounds like one of the main little synths. But I can't find out the rest of them, what I could use for those sounds. Any help please?
  10. A very happy song to get everyone motivated! Anyways. Comment and let me know what you think? Hope you all like it.
  11. That is mainly just what it is. Just a nicer cleaner sounding copy. Not a remix. Just a remake. And yes I did that on purpose with the pauses. It is not done so those will not be fixed until it is finished.
  12. Hmmm what do you suggest? I'm not good with finalizing things very much. Help?
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