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  1. I specially used that (Its the same example...all my dowloaded soundfonts have this problem) http://www.sf2midi.com/soundfonts/file-detail/aaviolin-triples-x-layer-sf2-297.html I installed them on the main library banks folder Garageband 09. Maybe I installed them wrong =( Thanks for reading TwT
  2. Hi Well...I was remixing a song...and I lacked some instruments...so I downloaded some soundfonts...and installed it into my mac (I use Garageband) The song was "enjoyable" and when I imported it to hear it on itunes.... All the instruments were mute..I listened on garageband and is also the same problem. What can I do to solve this problem.. =(
  3. Hello =) What Mr. Rozovian is true, I lack some instruments I'd like to use (like an harmonica or a violin), and recently (6 am Mexico Time) I already figured how to install soundfonts to improve the range of instruments. (I only need a good source on soundfonts, becouse I only know midifile.com) Thanks for the advice everyone =) I won't let you down. Also I want to ask.... I also like to sing...and in my channel (I'm very sorry for advertising myself o///o) I do some "cover songs of Sonic"...I'd like to know...how I sing? (I do all the vocals nwn) (If needed I'll post all my "remixes and covers" in this tread) Take Care Everyone Thank You =)
  4. *Bursts in crying* Thank You!!! ^.^!!! Well..yes...I see what's the matter, nwn, I'll do my best to improve this song and make it better...but...there's something I don't understand.... Is to quiet?...How can I make it sound Louder o,o or is well as it is? Thanks and I hope more users can give me more advice.
  5. >.< H-Hello... I'm Sagara Katzuya and...well...Im pretty nervous you know...this site has wonderful remixes...and I Hope you enjoy this as I enjoyed doing this. Made on Garageband. (I'm to unfamiliarized with other programs =( ) Please...be nice with me >.< Take Care and Thank You for Listening.