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  1. That's right, practical solutions are always the best suited alternative. The thought of being entirely independent is a tempting one, it's definitely a very cool idea, however it's not always the best thing to target. OCRemix is very successful as it is now, and for what i can see there is no problem in using mp3 format... i think. Or... have you ever had some kind of limitation? Anyway, i thought maybe ogg would be a solution to overcome any possible limitation with mp3, but it seems there's no such a barrier and moreover, the change would perhaps be a practically bad move. Besides, i guess if at some point the limit existed, you guys would already had evaluated the possibility to change.
  2. Well, you're right about portable music players, it's a shame they not always support open formats. Regarding to songbird, it seems they're stopping it's linux version development. However you're right... VLC is a strange choice for a recommended music player. I remember, i got Relics of the Chozo (great album) and there were ogg files in the package, i didn't remember that. Well, it seems it is not such a good idea to change the file format, but i still feel like there should be a way. Well, we'll have to keep thinking.
  3. Hi, my name is Marco Pérez, and though i've been an ocremix fan for a long time now, i had never registered into this forum until now. And this is because i wanted to make the suggestion of using a free audio format like ogg as the default format for the great OC Remixes housed here. This, in order to support the campaign and to have a free and high quality audio format in which we can rely on, with no patent issues or particular owners. For more info on this and a detailed explanation, read here. I really believe making the effort of switching to a free open format, will make the OC Remix community a bit more independent. It would be great. Thanks for reading!