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  1. Ahhh, the fond memories of sitting in front of the NES on a non-school summer day to the original beat of SHADOWGATE wit it's haunting-like tunes. Then, years later, the CLASSIC version for GameBoy Color!

    Nothing like fearing to fall when trying to get orbs or burn in the room stealing all those god forsaken shields & equipment!

    w00t !!!

  2. The Salad Bar Liveth On!

    This game was the cheesiest & CHEAPEST cart I found when I bought my first NES back in the early 90's. My mom & us were quite poor for a bit, so we got our first NES late. :-P

    Game was a "cutesy" family-styled game but it was nonetheless a good game by Hudson. So this song fits in nicely.

    Alas, the NES hardware wouldn't support this but if they ever would have ported it to the SNES, we'd be set!

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