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  1. Yup, the electric lead does play thru like pipes indeed Pretzel. And what makes it even neater is that this sounds like something out a technotronic remake of Braveheart! nice
  2. What a tune. NEVER played the game but was surfing thru OCR (WITH my headphones on I might add) & was slightly entranced by the smooth textures of this panning from ear 2 ear. Figures the title was taken from a GREAT band as well.
  3. Hellz yeah! hahaha! time to bust out the orange vest, blue jeans, MJ BAD t-shirt & my record player! LOL! 4.5 stars !!!
  4. Ahhh, the fond memories of sitting in front of the NES on a non-school summer day to the original beat of SHADOWGATE wit it's haunting-like tunes. Then, years later, the CLASSIC version for GameBoy Color! Nothing like fearing to fall when trying to get orbs or burn in the room stealing all those god forsaken shields & equipment! w00t !!!
  5. Well, it's not what I was figuring it to be (latino) but it is. Contains lots of little twists & turns, so it figures that PRETZEL would be the one to do it.
  6. The Salad Bar Liveth On! This game was the cheesiest & CHEAPEST cart I found when I bought my first NES back in the early 90's. My mom & us were quite poor for a bit, so we got our first NES late. Game was a "cutesy" family-styled game but it was nonetheless a good game by Hudson. So this song fits in nicely. Alas, the NES hardware wouldn't support this but if they ever would have ported it to the SNES, we'd be set!
  7. I agree Pretzel. Nice beats ... same old-school sound .. hear the old Amiga like BG aroun 55 secs or so ... PHAT!
  8. Man, MickeyDee's got it right with that theme ... so, what fit's better to say to to this what I said on another song post: " I'm Lovin' It !!! " :<
  9. Well now, this was slightly irregular ... and, unlike my previous bowel movements ... quite a change from what I would expect on OCR. Kudos "Yo"!
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