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  1. Seeing as Sword of Mana is a remake of Seiken Densetsu(Final Fantasy Adventure), a lot of the music in it are arrangements from the original game. Rejoice as there are a few done already!
  2. Heavensward has been out for a month now and after taken in it's wonderful soundtrack I've come here to make a few request! First up Ravana's Theme (quest titled Lord of the Hive may or may not be official track title, ost won't be released for a few more months sadly) is a two part theme. The second part of the theme shifts in at half health. That occurs around the 5:20 mark. Would love to hear a prog rock, or metal remix of these themes ..or heck just a metal remix of the second phase theme would be awesome. If needed, I could link to the official lore forums which contains a thread with the lyrics. Next up is the THANKFULLY new Dungeon Boss Theme. This track is heard in all new dungeons, with the exception of the final main scenario dungeon. Again, a metal remix would be appreciated. Though I'd be happy with any other style And finally last request is still kind of a spoiler for those who've yet to complete the main scenario quest so spoiler tags will be in use. My last request is a metal remix of the epic conclusion to the 3.0 patch, Knights of the Round. Well technically King Thordan and the Heavens Ward If you can't tell..been on a bit of a metal binge, but if anyone thinks they can remix these in any other genre I'd still love to hear them . Thank you for your time.
  3. So Defenders of Eorzea (patch 2.3) was released a week ago and with it's release a new Primal fight was added. Lord of Levin, Ramuh. While I do like the music composed for this certainly feels out of place. It's almost like a lullaby during a chaotic fight. It would be awesome if someone could remix it in a way to feel a bit more chaotic. Since it's pretty new and not on any OST yet, here's a link to a vid with the song (lyrics are in the about and are official lyrics from the latest Dev Blog) with a recording of someone's fight attempt. The video is not mine. Thank you for your time
  4. Would love to hear some remixes from this game. I remember spending many hours just letting my old gray brick sit idle as I just listen to the music on a pair of headphones. Can find a link to either flacc or mp3 files in the info panel . You can also find a link to an interview of the composer, Alberto Gonzalez, was an interesting read.