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  1. Seeing as Sword of Mana is a remake of Seiken Densetsu(Final Fantasy Adventure), a lot of the music in it are arrangements from the original game. Rejoice as there are a few done already! http://ocremix.org/game/115/final-fantasy-adventure-gb
  2. Heavensward has been out for a month now and after taken in it's wonderful soundtrack I've come here to make a few request! First up Ravana's Theme (quest titled Lord of the Hive may or may not be official track title, ost won't be released for a few more months sadly) is a two part theme. The second part of the theme shifts in at half health. That occurs around the 5:20 mark. Would love to hear a prog rock, or metal remix of these themes ..or heck just a metal remix of the second phase theme would be awesome. If needed, I could link to the official lore forums which contains a thread with
  3. So Defenders of Eorzea (patch 2.3) was released a week ago and with it's release a new Primal fight was added. Lord of Levin, Ramuh. While I do like the music composed for this fight...it certainly feels out of place. It's almost like a lullaby during a chaotic fight. It would be awesome if someone could remix it in a way to feel a bit more chaotic. Since it's pretty new and not on any OST yet, here's a link to a vid with the song (lyrics are in the about and are official lyrics from the latest Dev Blog) with a recording of someone's fight attempt. The video is not mine. Thank you for your tim
  4. Would love to hear some remixes from this game. I remember spending many hours just letting my old gray brick sit idle as I just listen to the music on a pair of headphones. Can find a link to either flacc or mp3 files in the info panel . You can also find a link to an interview of the composer, Alberto Gonzalez, was an interesting read.
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