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  1. A minor, A sus 4, A minor, A sus 2 is fine. Or you can just trust the fall and the lift.
  2. I am currently using Beyerdynamic dt 770 Pro Headphones set. Very Flat. Comfortable though. Had a budget of $100-150 and they lasted ever since.
  3. While noting that the deletion of a few replies here lead to a somewhat fragmented narrative, I see that all you wanted was to establish a new one away from the other one on that forum. It could have been appropriately nice to acknowledge that idea was mine to begin with by mentioning a name like you did there with Dextastic. I congratulate you for sticking with your profession over the years enough to earn a degree, knowing that you probably initially posted here as part of a curriculum with your college. I commend you for graduating, and reaching the level to stay around for graduate studies, as a student it would be very difficult for me to achieve that at that level. All the same, searching for information isn't that hard if you knew where to start with, such as the FL Studio power users base. Some of the plugins and tools of the trade initially started with established musicians commending them for the public's approval. I found out about this community with zircon's work, back in v10-11.
  4. Ahh okay. I assumed OP wanted something completely different than FL Studio.
  5. Please use google if you want to use a DAW based on sheet music instead of a piano roll. It is too complicated to explain here, of all places.
  6. I am sorry, but I am unable to continue. I need to continue my studies at college.
  7. The semester for my college that I'm attending to starts in a few weeks. I can still participate until then. Assuming I, as a part of the group, have a week to work with before that.
  8. My bad, I'll look into it a bit more. I looked up Mega Man V's intro theme and that caught my attention initially.
  9. I'd like to enter this competition. Not too familiar with this property but okay. These should be interesting to remix Mega Man 8 (PSX/Saturn) Mega Man 9-10 (PSN/XBL) Mega Man V
  10. I'll give it a go once I finish my C and Java assignments from college.
  11. Cool! I can see the influences from other battle themes from other games.