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  1. I'd like to see someone do a remix or cover of this track, Koloba. It's my favorite from Darius Twin.
  2. Shoot, put them ALL in, I don't care! Just hoping it makes it out this month. Hyped for it.
  3. I'd imagine that the questions would be annoying... I don't want to be ungrateful for something that I'm getting for free.
  4. Oh, yeah, it's fine. I'm not holding anybody to anything...I know that stuff happens, and I completely understand why you guys aren't giving a date. I've been tracking this for a while, but don't think I'm being nasty about it or anything. I'm just REALLY looking forward to this.
  5. They aren't giving specific answers. I'm going to guess a few months. I could be wrong, but I'm hoping to see something by Feb. If not, then, well, we'll just have to wait longer.
  6. Chuck's Blaze Heatnix is AMAZING. Did that make it to the album?
  7. ALRIGHT! The remix album I've been wanting to see happen ever since I got into VGM is about to be released!!
  8. What's the latest and greatest? How close are we to an actual release?
  9. The previews are hyping me up for this! I love that Tunnel Rhino song in Preview 3...and I don't usually like that in my game music.
  10. Is there any chance this will be out before the end of next month?
  11. Hey dude...good luck in boot camp, and thanks for heading this up and keeping us updated so well in what's going on!
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