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    Music, composing, retro gaming, retro music, hybrid. Hiking, forrest walks, Border Terriers etc.

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    I started playing piano/keyboards in the mid 80s. After a few years at the municipal music school, I quickly grew tired of the simple piano-only education and got to move on to classes with keyboards and synths. From the early beginning with Technics K-200 rythm keyboard from 1983 via some Casios/Hohner keyboards, I evolved with the later Technics KN-1000 and KN-2000 before moving on to Roland XP-50. As the computer revolution made DAWs affordable, 1999 made sequencing using Cubase easy and the studio grew ever larger with more outboard gear. Today the studio has become a sizeable and functional MIDI/arranging studio with over 40 synths/modules and more centered around a MacPro with MOTU’s Digital Performer, and numerous more or less famous productions.

    I have always had a musical approach towards sound engineering and composing, rooted mainly in vivid harmonic structures and saturated compositions. Inspiration has always been the likes of Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Eric Serra to name a few giants in the electronic scene, but also a heart towards well produced pop music from the 70s and 80s as well as epic film scores from John Williams, Alan Silvestri and Hans Zimmer. The baby era of computer music from the late 80s and early 90s was also a heavy influence.
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    AV Technician, studio musician.

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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    Digital Performer
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    Nexus2, Vengeance, Phalanx, Vanguard, QuadraSID, AdlibXRom, Symphonic
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    Arrangement & Orchestration
    Drum Programming
    Mixing & Mastering
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    Synthesis & Sound Design
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    Electric Guitar: Rhythm
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