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    I'm making music since 2004.I worked in an internet radio station as an editor in chief and anchorman at Para Radio.We are making visuals at partys in many style and genre as Silent Propaganda and making music as Kábel Gyökerek.I'm a big fan of VGM and old school games (I was 5 year old when I got my first C64:D) and I'm trying to share this culture in my country in partys.
    (Sorry I'm very bad in written english grammar...:D)
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    Krisztián Gyurkó
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    VJ, musician...and everything that pays:D

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    I can hit my sampler like an insane:D

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  1. Hi there!

    I sent a post (twice) with my link where I downloaded my version of Chrono Trigger OST.It didn't appeared so I send it here.


    Do you have any instant messaging stuff like MSN?

    Because I really hate to check forums and write there:)

    And I could send you parts of my music so you can decide what you want to put in.



  2. I found that one : http://snesmusic.org/v2/profile.php?set&selected=347 Theres 92 tracks.It writes that it contains additional tracks.But I'm gonna copy this list and I make only these.Gato's song is almost complete (in head) I just have to make it in Fruity.I recruited some friends so next week we are up to work!
  3. It has to be the SNES version. http://snesmusic.org/v2/profile.php?set&selected=347 It have an absolute different order too.Yesterday I almost finished the Gato's Song.I just have to record it properly:)
  4. I'm in too.I just downloaded the Chrono Trigger OST in rsn format, and there is 92 tracks (with effect stuff).I'm very interested in this project I have some real favorites in the soundtrack.I also have many friends with many instruments so we could make remixes in many styles.First I gonna make Gato's Song and post it when I finish it.
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