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  1. I hope bumping is permitted. I couldn't locate the rules.
  2. After hearing what Orichalcon did with the Lavender Town music from Pokémon Red, I've been interested to hear what someone could do with the Nocturne of Shadow. There are currently no remixes of it up. Thanks!
  3. I've been wanting to hear a good (keyword) version of this done in a hard rock or metal style, maybe even hair metal style. Mostly, I'd just like to hear a remix that really puts the "storm" into Song of Storms. Most of the versions I've heard have been significantly softer than that.
  4. I was listening to a mash-up of this with Kid Cudi's "Day N Nite," and I realized that the music overpowered the lyrics. Junichi Masuda managed to out-hiphop Kid Cudi. It's a generally awesome bit of music, so I'd love to see someone take it and maybe move it more in a hip-hop direction. If you haven't heard it before, find it and listen to it. I hope it inspires you.
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