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  1. Hello everyone! I've been fiddling around more and more with what little I have in terms of software, doing what I can to get my ideas down while they're fresh. I usually try to work from a emotional perspective, basing the music I create off of the feeling I intend to create with it. My work is simplistic in nature.

    Ramblings aside, I just wanted to drop this song off and get a little feedback from some people who actually know what they're doing. ^^

    Thanks guys.

    - Cliff


  2. First of all, thanks guys. I really appreciate you even bothering to listen to it.

    I posted it fully aware that it is nowhere near finished, and is pretty much nothing but a glitzed-up cover of the original. That said, its taken me some to time to really think out a few possible riffs. (The original song is literally the same 35 seconds looped! xD)

    Also, yeah, I totally agree with you guys, I suck at mastering. I just recently got FL Studio, before that I was just a guitar/bass bum. I must say, ProTools was complex, sure.....but FL Studio blows me away with just the sheer amount of options!

    I'll fiddle around with the track a bit, and work on a few riffs I thought of today at work.

    Thanks again, all of you, I'll keep posting stuff as I go.

    (P.S. Major props to Rozovian for doing an SD3 Project. Kikuta is by far my favorite composer! Hopefully someone will do "Innocent Sea")

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