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  1. Hello everyone! I've been fiddling around more and more with what little I have in terms of software, doing what I can to get my ideas down while they're fresh. I usually try to work from a emotional perspective, basing the music I create off of the feeling I intend to create with it. My work is simplistic in nature. Ramblings aside, I just wanted to drop this song off and get a little feedback from some people who actually know what they're doing. ^^ Thanks guys. - Cliff http://tindeck.com/listen/oslh
  2. First of all, thanks guys. I really appreciate you even bothering to listen to it. I posted it fully aware that it is nowhere near finished, and is pretty much nothing but a glitzed-up cover of the original. That said, its taken me some to time to really think out a few possible riffs. (The original song is literally the same 35 seconds looped! xD) Also, yeah, I totally agree with you guys, I suck at mastering. I just recently got FL Studio, before that I was just a guitar/bass bum. I must say, ProTools was complex, sure.....but FL Studio blows me away with just the sheer amount of options! I'll fiddle around with the track a bit, and work on a few riffs I thought of today at work. Thanks again, all of you, I'll keep posting stuff as I go. (P.S. Major props to Rozovian for doing an SD3 Project. Kikuta is by far my favorite composer! Hopefully someone will do "Innocent Sea")
  3. Hiya. Im pretty much totally new to the remixing thing, but have decided to give it a try, after finding this site, and the loads of awesome music. Well, not much else to say. I appreciate any and all criticism, helps me grow, y'know.
  4. thanks! i'm glad you like my music :)

  5. Happy birthday brah.

  6. You are by far my favorite re-mixer, because of things like this. It's very calm, and collected. It really captures the spirit of the original composition. The chiptune feel warms it up even more. Just great man.
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