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  1. I've gotten into contact with Teruo Konishi via Twitter (it's the first thing that comes up in a Google search for him btw) a week ago and he replied that he did the two Sigma battle themes for X7, one of which (Our Blood Boils) is the game's sole representative. With that you can completely remove Makoto Asai and Shuichi Mizohata. Additionally, given that Hasegawa was in charge of Maverick Hunter X and did all the cinematic music (which naturally includes allusions to Vile's Theme for his story), you can also get rid of Shinya Okada and Seiko Kobuchi.
  2. ===DuckTales (NES)=== A friend of mine confirmed with Manami Matsumae via Facebook that the composer is, in fact, Hiroshige Tonomura. -> Post #16 VGMdb -> MobyGames ->,123252/ At long last, The Man Behind The Moon has been revealed. .............
  3. Time for another wave -For Gaiares (, the "S. Ogawa" in the credits, to the best of my knowledge is Shinobu Ogawa, not Sachio Ogawa. No need to credit them both. "Business Support Co., Ltd." seems to be the company Ogawa worked for and not a whole other entity. Sonic Spinball does something similar. - Gaiares - Sonic Spinball (in-game) - Sonic Spinball (manual format) [see bottom of page] -Once again, Sonic 2 (8-bit) ( Replace Ray with Gatao (Masafumi Ogata) Replace Simaghan with Nao Chan (Naofumi Hataya) and add Dawasa (Tomonori Sawada) -Milpo is Yoshiaki Kashima, and all he did for Sonic 3 was compose the Special Stage theme.
  4. -Yukifumi Makino had no music-related roles in either Sonic CD or Sonic 3D Blast (GEN). He is a sound programmer and sound effect creator. -->,34263/ - Sonic CD (Sound Effect and Sound Program)-->Makino is not credited for Sonic 3D Blast (GEN) at all; Makino's name is on there because of a hacking of that game a while ago that attributed her to only one track: Chaos Emerald [same version as Sonic 3's]. -->Thanks to the Sonic Colors OST, it is official that Makino composed Timer (aka Drowning), not Masato Nakamura. This leads me to believe that Makino also composed and arranged "Chaos Emerald" for Sonic 1 AND Sonic 3 in accordance with the aforementioned hack due to its corresponding prevalence and reuse in the Sonic series. Since Chaos Emerald is simply reused in Sonic 3D Blast (GEN), I'd still leave Makino off of there, though. -Howard Drossin also had no role in Sonic 3D Blast (GEN). His role also comes from the aforementioned hacking of the game. [Points to same two links as above],27240/ -Seirou Okamoto, however, WAS involved in Sonic 3D Blast (GEN) (as Seiroh Okamoto); his sole contribution was the composition of the Staff Roll (which was arranged by Senoue). -Again, Ray and Simachan DID NOT handle the music for Sonic 2 [8-bit]. Masafumi Ogata [Gatao] and Naofumi Hataya [Nao Chan] did. You can even hear the similarites to Sonic - You Can Do Anything" (composed by Ogata) in Green Hills Zone. Dawasa is the same person as Tomonori Sawada, as it is the syllables of his last name in reverse order. (Sawada : 1,2,3 :: Dawasa : 3,2,1). Based on his music credit for Sonic Gems Collection, I would have to say he composed Underground Zone. -->Furthermore, no official game lists music credits first. "Compose" for this game must be the equivalent of "Director" (at 0:13 and 1:20) [beginning of credits vs. halfway in] -Only Minae Fujii was involved in Mega Man 4. Yasuaki Fujita's work list on his official web site confirms that he had no active role in Mega Man 4. He was actually just Fujii's advisror for the project.
  5. OK, here's some more for you. -Airman Stage is actually a hybrid of Tateishi's rhythm and Matsumae's melodies. Specifically, Matsumae's portion is bars 18-26. Helping hands like these happened a fair amount, apparently, and it's fitting that Tateishi would later return the offer [with interest] by composing Stage 3 of UN Squadron (as I previously addressed) [The interview also refers to this]. -Based on this interview with the sound team itself, it is official that the Sound Effects in Mega Man 1 were created by Matsumae, those in 2 were created by Tateishi, and Sakaguchi merely programmed the sounds (i.e. he created none), so please negate why I previously wrote. This is consistent with Mega Man 3, 5, and 6, where Fujita, Yamaguchi, and Takehara, respectively, had to have created their own sound effects due to being the only name listed under "Sound Compose." -Apparently, Manami's MM1 Sound Effects were originally in MM2, which must have been what Kimitaka Matsumae was referring to (see earlier post), so I guess that's why Manami's credited even though she didn't create or program any BGM or SE for the game. -kirikiri-chan = Toshihiko Horiyama (for Rockman & Forte) [#8] -Yoshihiro Sakaguchi had no BGM roles in either of the four games you credited to him. He had absolutely no role in Super Street Fighter II ( ), nor Ducktales, nor MM1 nor MM2 (as I mentioned before). He did, however, compose the soundtrack for the original Street Fighter and Final Fight games.-On that note, T's Music for Final Fight CD technically arranged Sakaguchi's work. It is not T's Music's own original compositions.
  6. OK, links are up. Was a bit pressed for time before. BTW, GameFAQs started linking its credits like MobyGames. Unfortunately, they fudged up royal because they don't account for repeat entries/false information and they treat each name/role as a different person/credit. In other words, GameFAQs is now worse than MobyGames. (I know, I can't believe it either) Oh, and here's the real names of the other Mega Man 7 sound team members in case you ever wanted to know who they were. (From the Ippo Yamada SEMO Interview) Hiroshi Shimada (Kan) Noriko Ando (Apple Z) Atsushi Mori (More Rich) Nariyuki Nobuyama (Narinari) Ippo Yamada (Ippo), not Izuho Takeuchi [though speculation is still ongoing if the two are one in the same.] And.... here's me on vgmdb. Some might recognize me and instantly feel the ensuing migraine that my mere presence produces. (Hmhmhm)
  7. I've noticed that updates in composer information are not as quick here as places like vgmdb. I've joined just to make this topic to assist in recent composition updates. Here's a few to start you off: -Kimitaka Matsumae (husband of Manami Matsumae) recently confirmed with Another Soundscape that Manami did all the BGM in Mega Man 1 and was SE only in Mega Man 2. (#27) -Chris of SEMO then confirmed that Takashi Tateishi did all of the BGM for Mega Man 2. (#28 ) -Takashi Tateishi did Stage 3 of the arcade version of U.N. Squadron (the original version of the game) according to the OST's liner notes, but went uncredited. (#5) -As the game credits will tell you, Shusaku Uchiyama did the BGM of Mega Man 8. Shinji Amagishi was SE, and Tomoyuki Kawakami was System sounds. at 6:33-A joint effort of Chris and theOSTation's PsychoZeke found that Kinuyo Yamashita did all the music for the SNES version of Mega Man X3 but was credited as Minakuchi Engineering Staff despite not being an employee. (#6, #13, and #35) -Kinuyo (Minakuchi) did not contribute to the PSX/SAT version of Mega Man X3 at all. (lack of that version) (#4) - Her opinion on the other four's arrangement of her work on the arrange version. -Toshio Kajino is SE only in both of the games you have him credited here (U.N. Squadron and Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers) (#6) for SSFII and (Back picture) for U.N. Squadron -Chris confirmed that Yoshihiro Sakaguchi did not compose Ducktales. (#2) -Chris confirmed through Ippo Yamada that Mega Man 7's music is done by Yuko Takehara (Yuk), Toshihiko Horiyama (Krsk), and Makoto Tomozawa (V-Tomozoh). Everyone else is SE. (#14) -Tetsuya Nishimura (actually Tatsuya Nishimura), like Toshio Kajino, is SE only (for Mega Man 7 and Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, the latter of which she had absolutely no part in). (#6) for SSFII, and see above for Mega Man 7 -Super Mario 64 was only done by Koji Kondo. Kenta Nagata was responsible for the new stuff in Super Mario 64 DS. at 3:00 (N64) at 4:18 (DS) and (DS)Sonic 2 (Master System) is actually composed by Gatao [Masafumi Ogata] and Nao Chan [Naofumi Hataya] (credited under "Sound"); Dawasa is Tomonori Sawada. at 1:42-1:49