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    I play a lot of video games, and listen to a lot of video game music. I'm a CS graduate, and I administrate a website that caters to RPG fans. I think I'll fit in just nicely.
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  1. So I was bored and checked out some of my old TF2 Replays, thought I'd share one. http://youtu.be/JIMCUkQgFUI
  2. Ms Pauling for tenth class. Also, obviously there's something of consequence: Updated localization files. I mean, duh.
  3. ah yes, whenever I get an email from this thread, I can always count on it being about a server update. <3
  4. Killstreak Kits. Or as they'll be known around here, "FROGG's Neverending Glowy Eyes"
  5. First, let me open by saying BEHOLD THE ADORIBIBILENESS http://youtu.be/fAqGUUv-XJs Last, let me close by saying where all the playas at? Now that I've hopefully fixed/upgraded my gaming computer I've been hanging around nightly to see if any pick-up games start, but nothing really happened since the last night of the Event. I'd try to start them myself but I think half of you don't remember me and so you'd ignore the call D: I don't bring all the boys to the yard like Baha does.
  6. I'd call that a fun karaoke night. Even if I didn't sing any. Cuz I'm a coward. Props to Frosty, Garian, Clefairy and Jpeg for killing it.
  7. I think arena should be put or kept in standard rotation. There is obviously enough desire for it if it's winning enough votes to keep the people that hate it complaining about it. So it has a place. I'm ok with shortening the time some more if that'll appease the gripe-y ones.
  8. My two metals on the matter: Don't get rid of unique customs. They add some much needed punch to the standard maps. Weather and layout variants of standard maps can go, though, for previously stated reasons. To be blunt, if voting is to remain as is, even with the "recently played" extensions mentioned, then people need to just suck it up and stop what they are doing to vote for the map they desire. Yes, it interrupts combat, but that's the price you pay if you want the voting. If there was a way to make it more seamless at this point, don't you think someone would have thought of it? Hell, Powerlord adapting the votes to the F-keys was a godsend for a while. For the love of Gabe, stop hitting F1 to remove the prompt and pay attention. Or stop complaining. And if returning to a mapcycle-only setup, then someone needs to be a dictator and lay down the cycle themselves, balancing it out as much as possible with most played, least played, and custom maps. Voting for the cycle order will only result in the same imbalances as with regular voting. If keeping RTV, then if possible, create a limit of one or two RTVs (and never consecutive) per every five maps to prevent the revolving mapset scenario that people are worried about. If you want variety and voting isn't in effect, you're going to have to deal with the fact that you won't get the map you want all the time. Variety doesn't mean "delete arena/badwater/harvest forever". It shouldn't need saying but well whatever. Anyway, I probably shouldn't have written this at my current level of fatigue but ehhhhhhhhhh. :zzz:
  9. Maybe I'm just being silly but based on that comic I wouldn't put it past Valve to give something special to people that don't open any of those crates. At least, not for a while.
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