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    I've been out of my element for a while now. Life and keeping the roof around has been a number one priority lately. But my lovely wife pointed me this way now that I've got some more time, and have dusted off the ol' digi 002.

    Currently in the process of rebuilding my set, I have and older system running Pro Tools LE 7, and will be upgrading to 8 finally once its been approved for win 7.

    Asides for that I'm looking to expand my know how while I'm about, my main focus back when I was learning what I know, was mainly studio recoding, mic tecq. Stage set up n live sound and abit of radio production.

    I've found that over the last few years though I've lost my edge and have become a rather dull blade. To that extent I will be working on sfx and the like to freshen up, and slowly learning the ins and outs of doing more then just recording, but hopefully taking a step towards creating some remixes and original content that I can share.
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  1. Heh, comments are always nice, I think at least, its great to hear others opinions, helps one grow, and improve. Thank you kindly for the comments! It was a fun project to start up and I look forward to having some time to do some other remixes, but before I do I'll be replacing my monitors, had one die recently hah! And as always ya gotta love life, been busy, it gets hard to keep track of all teh interwebz,!
  2. Well, its been a while since an update, sadly I ran out of time on the contest, and had to submit what I had. There are plenty of things i'd like to do to work on this one quite a bit more, but I'll save it for another time. all in all for my first attempt at a remix I feel ok, I know I can do more next time around, but I feel ok, so I'll keep rockin, and see what i can pull of next time. as far as my last attempt for the Killzone contest its up here
  3. Weewt! OK so I found my self with some time so I went a head and spent it cleaning up some of the minor things that had been bugging me, I haven't had time to work on the length, which is something I'm looking forward to, but for now, enjoy! As always comment, critique and all that good stuff! LINK: -Seihi
  4. yeah here is the orig Link: I was inspired to pull out the more classic sounds of this piece, and tried to build up a with some more tension that i felt the source kinda lacked, and even playing through the game it just faded into the back ground. as far as the tweeks go, I appriciate the comments, this really is my first remix, and so far my only critiques have come from my wife, and the sound designer at Flying Lab Software, There is a lot i'd like to add to this piece, I'd like to lengthen it, and build the suspense, but i'm really happy with the over all feel so far, so yeah n.n'
  5. Hey guys and gals, this is still a bit of a work in progress, and it is my first submission as far as posting anything up here, so enjoy! and feel free to comment, again like I kinda mentioned, I'm new to this. Link: http:///
  6. Hey guys, still pretty fresh here, but I hadn't seen any mention of this so I thought I would share it with everyone. Gun Loco Square-Enix is hosting a little contest that starts in early September, the winner gets their rendition of the song Recorded pro in LA and ploped into the game for a level. enjoy!
  7. Seihi

    Well hello!

    As the title says, Well hello! I've been an on and off again lurker over the years and I'm here to say that I'm honestly looking forward to growing with this community. Lets see,l a little about me, a little about me; well, I'm a trained Cellist(granted I've been away from that instrument for some time, kinda left down in Cali when I moved to WA). I've also messed around with the Guitar and electric bass a bit. As far as DAWs go I've got a Digi002 set up running Pro-tools 8 LE. Most of my experience in audio has been in Studio/Live sound recording, Foley and Post work(so if anyone wants to use me for anything lemme know!) I'm looking to grow in my skills of composition while I fiddle with trying to re-mix things around here. To that extent I recently picked up an Axiom 25 to use in conjunction with the Virtual instruments I have available to me(right now only what I've got with pro-tools). So I'll be looking into getting more! I've got a lot of research/trying things out to do still, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Anyways, I've spewed enough for now, I look forward to working with as many fellow OCR-ers as possible!