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  1. I am sort of new to the guitar (about 9-10 months), so most of what I can pick up is by ear or by visuals, but the questions I do have go something like this:

    1. Was the song played in drop-tuning? The reason I ask is because to get the rise up the strings that you end on the second string with a bend before returning to the main riff idea, I start on the sixth string and walk up to the first instead on my guitar for the same sound, and I am not sure if droptuning was the reason.

    2. What effects did you use for the interlude part (the one where on the video you are playing a single chord and the other guitar from the recording is playing more prominently, about 1:30 in the vid)

    Really that's about it at the moment, but if you have a better resolution version of the youtube video or anything like that, I would appreciate any help you can give there. If you tab it out, please let me know. Thanks!

  2. Glad you like the track. I might tab it out soon, but I'm not sure what info I can give you. It's mostly just riffs in F#, with a little bit of harmony here and there. Anything specific you want to know?

  3. Hello, Fishy, just a little message asking for a little info on Aire Tam Break. I play guitar, and I am trying to learn what I can from the video on youtube and was wondering if maybe you could tell me a little about the song etc. that wouldn't be seen on the video. Thanks for your time, dood.