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    In that meaning again with her own words, Victoria Melissa A. Simon was born and raised in the Philippines on June 4, 1995, also known as Sugar Simon,

    she is a special child and more than that, she was a bang edge.

    At the age of 6 in 2001, Sugar was a new student in the school name "Mary Immaculate Parish Special School" becoming SPED in Kinder 1.

    She called her create the indie rock band "The Wizards of Hogwarts" and she was getting started for the battle of the bands.

    "I'm good great very musician with my teacher, Jo-Ann, as well great perform" said Sugar, "And great as i am to performing the music how to teaching the auditions I was 11 years old and i'm starting drums."

    In starts of beatboxing and robot dancing was originally on the floor, but not has a robot dancer and a beatboxer just imagination talent hidden.

    Sugar has been in the video game business and music jobs for a while and has worked on games for just about every platforms, but her most merorable works will always be for the Sonic The Hedgehog series, where her heartbreak techno, electronica, electro and electronic dance music style produced one of the greatest and one of a kind for the smash hit of mastermix, mashup, instrumental beat and remix for the individual music in the latest play tracks and best video game soundtrack ever.

    Since 2010, Sugar has been one of a kind of the video game genre platforms of Sonic The Hedgehog series for all time, In May 2008, when start registration to join and creating on YouTube channel username is: mipssrookies2008 and so the first number 1 independent record label in her own called JacksonPackz Entertainment Company, Ltd. and various genres for an independent album of techno, electro, electronica, trance and progressive electronic dance music and such great performance of human beatboxing and robot dance moves for the best results to performing in the final countdown. The video game soundtracks is a accepted and best music while the performi
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